Precast concrete offers durable, flexible solutions for floors, walls and even roofs in every type of construction from small building structures to multi-storey buildings. The erection of precast elements at the right locations, with the correct levels and alignments with necessary castings at all the intersection of the precast members, plays the key role as the complete precast structure designed has to fulfill the function of the building desired by the Engineer.

The concrete’s high initial embodied energy can be offset by its extended lifecycle (up to 100 years) and high potential for reuse and relocation. Therefore, a clear process plan, with the exact sequence of construction, the methodology of integration of elements, supporting systems, lifting arrangements is all very much essential for a precast building. This and many more are the reasons why you should trust your pre-cast installations to us. We have the skill, know right lifting devices, equipment, personnel, safety measures, and assiduous planning to ensure efficient and quality installation and to reap the full benefits of Precast Construction.