The first step of any engineering project is to conduct an in-depth analysis, assessing existing systems, identifying potential improvements, and creating a roadmap to meet our clients’ goals. One fundamental and critical step of the Geotechnical design process is detailed numerical analysis to assess anticipated stress and strain changes associated with existing and proposed substructure works. Our Geotechnical investigations complement our engineering design phases, and construction material testing, which allows us to provide a complete package of services to our clients. We are well-equipped to deliver the lab results in the best possible time. Our Geotechnical services provide you with a diverse range of analyses for both surface and subsurface exploration of your site.

We can assess how earth materials will interact with your proposed construction and identify the potential risks to humans, property and the environment. Our services include everything from routine testing, one-off analysis, and problem-solving to design and monitoring of the earthworks and structure foundations. We have in this niche created a premium yet affordable standard that has set us apart. SGL offers expert personnel and state-of-art resources, testing methods and laboratories. With our unrivaled global network and experience, we are the first choice for civil engineering contractors, consultants, manufacturers, and government agencies in Nigeria.