Civil Engineering plays an all-important role in the development of an economy to enable businesses progress and the quality of life to excel. It is the foundation on which every great society is built. It requires focus, careful planning, innovative thinking, commitment, and teamwork. We recognize that every infrastructural project presents its own unique set of challenges and needs that must be met, which is why SGL’s seamless framework has been structured to deliver through the provision of integrated engineering solutions and application of contemporary strategies. Ensuring that all projects realize its full potential whilst at the same time making the most efficient use of nancial, human and natural resources.

Our team of professionals have diverse capabilities and in-depth knowledge to guide any project from site selection, through design, permitting, construction & final completion. Our extensive experience in engineering and environmental analysis help clients determine the feasibility and scope of a land development project, code/regulatory reviews, permitting inventories, preliminary layouts, time-line assessments, and cost estimates, hence providing our clients with the information necessary to make informed decisions. Our fully integrated service includes;

  • Feasibilities Studies & Site Assessments
  • Landscape and Infrastructural Design
  • Site Selection & Planning
  • Park & Playground creation
  • Road & Bridges Construction
  • Hydraulic & Water Supply Systems
  • Tunnels & Sewage Systems
  • Commercial Market Development
  • Parking Lot Design & Development
  • Shopping Mall Engineering
  • Storm Water Management
  • Utilities Evaluation and Design